Welcome to France in Sandy Utah. La Caille is nothing short of amazing. Take a walk through the walk way of love. Beautiful lights twinkle like stars far off in our galaxy. Have you ever imagined falling into a rabbit whole and opening the door into wonderland, well Alice you just found your way home. This place has everything from gardens, cottages, arbor rooms, and a grand Pavilion, with royal dance floor. All the options make for an excited photographer. This place will give you a variety of pictures, all so different. Weddings at La Caille always exceed your expectations. Not only is the scenery magnificent, the food is exquisite. La Caille being a French Restaurant base, they have all the tasty French delicacy meals, and desserts. Give me a side of crème brulee and I’m on board. If you want a wedding to always remember, choose La Caille. It’s hard to forget such a place.

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